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Apply Your Learnings

To apply your learnings in your business is a strategic intent to develop a compelling vision of the future. Because without it, you end up without motivation.

Analysis and intelligence are required for the backward engineering of the steps, and to apply your learnings. Anticipate your competitors‘ responses. And be aware, that the competitor is you, your ego, your habits, and your lower self!

Apply Your Learnings

Make a plan, what are the milestones in

  • 5 years
  • 5 months
  • in 5 weeks
  • and finally in 5 days?

Prepare to apply your learnings by planing the use of your resources. How to utilize and allocate your time, energy, assets. And finally building strategic reserves for flexibility. A backup plan, support structures, and tactics. So, I think you understand, it needs hardworking, discipline, knowledge and sharpens your unique capabilities. Knowing your weaknesses and making them irrelevant. To develop yourself internally to handle the external circumstances of life. It allows being highly flexible in the market place.

Focus – How to Apply Your Learnings Effectively

Concentrate your forces onto the most effective point. That’s why you want to target the weakest point to get the breakthrough easiest possible. Everyone has limited resources. Or did we overcome this with the abundance challenge already? However, it is necessary to create effectiveness in using it.

Detailed execution is to move disciplined in the direction of your target. It takes years to become a good executor to apply your learnings. Due to that, you may want to watch the video:

The Inner Game of Creating Results

Source:, thank you, Leo, for sharing this!

Adaptability means to analyze the current situation. And how it is different from what you expected. Apply the appropriate tactics for the always-changing environment. Review, overthink and rewrite the plan. Because your plan is a tool, not your master. Do it every year, month, week, and if necessary every day. Don’t stick to your business plan if the situation has changed or you learned something new. So, experiment with what works for you in the market place. Analyze and adapt, learn and improve. Expect and accept that the situation will always change.

Study of principles that are general of living, business, and self-development. Improve your understanding of psychology and how the mind works. This knowledge is thousands of years old. Contemplate it deeply, combining multiple sources, and think how to apply them. Don’t look for a quick fix, but rather a deep understanding and solid implementation into your subconscious mind.

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Day 20 for Your Abundance Challenge


Sad Mood - Snap out of it

Sad Mood – Snap out of it

Sad mood?

The weekend is always a good time to look back on your achievements during the last week. Yesterday I had an emotionally pretty shitty day with a sad mood. 🤬 I think that happens to everyone once in a while. So my question was: How to snap out of it?

I realized that I needed to snap out of it. To get rid of my sad mood, I analyzed the best decisions in my life. Actually, most of them were pretty hard to make. And I came up with a list of 13 decisions, I made in the past. First of all, I added all of them to my success journal. Doing so gave me back a lot of my energy. Because it made me aware, that oneself puts down the seeds for one’s successes!

To snap out of it

I want to encourage you, to think about the best decisions in your life. And to write them down. If you are smarter than me, and I guess that you are,  you will do it, before you get into a sad mood. Because it doesn’t need a bad day to do so, it actually should be much easier to do it on a good day. 😆 But if you are already in a sad mood, this exercise will help you to snap out of it!

I came up with a list of my best decisions:

As a second step to snap out of it

Change your sad mood into energy

Bring the list in of your best decisions a sequence. That should be pretty easy. My list looks like that now:

  • 2008 getting divorced
  • 2009 founding Rooms4Music
  • 2011 reading 📖 “Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer”
  • 2012 focusing on health, making it my #1 value
  • 2013 visiting Tony Robbins seminars
  • 2014 visiting Bodo Schäfer Seminars
  • 2015
    • monogamy is a fallacy
    • selling my house in Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • 2016
    • putting money on the stock market
    • participating in the workation in Bali
    • spending the majority of my time in Bali
  • 2017
    • leaving Germany and moving to Hanoi
    • putting Rooms4Music in Chris’s hands
  • 2018 bringing Rooms4Music back onto the success path and cutting costs

Now it becomes a bit more difficult, but it is an effective

Treatment of a sad mood, and how to snap out of it:

Analyze if you can see a pattern, which carried from one decision to the next, from one level of your development to the next higher level. I found it helps if you add the outcome of your decisions to the list.

  • 2008 getting divorced = Found the love of my life and shared the best years of my life with her.
  • 2009 founding Rooms4Music = becoming independent from my job in 2012 and living entrepreneurial freedom
  • 2011 reading 📖 “Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer” = turning my self-employment into a self-running enterprise
  • 2012 focusing on health as my #1 value = discovered running as my new passion, started yoga and improved my movability and flexibility especially in my mind

The biggest change in my mindset and to snap out of it was

  • 2013 visiting Tony Robbins seminars = understood the psychology of people better, especially my own, I realized that freedom (of mind, traveling, sexual, financial) is my highest value
  • 2015
    • visiting Bodo Schäfer Seminars = developed my plan for financial freedom, an investment strategy, and  asset allocation
    • selling my house in Ludwigsburg, Germany = became financially independent
    • monogamy is a fallacy = freedom of mind, sexual freedom, much more relaxed and natural relationships with women, sharing and enjoying more tantric energy than I ever dreamed of
  • 2016
    • putting money on the stock market =
      • I started trading and becoming an investor,
      • started to enjoy the volatility of the market.
      • Finally, I learned to stay calm, if the market is going against my expectation and
      • becoming financially independent.
    • participating in the workation in Bali = falling in love with Bali and the idea of working location independent
    • spending the majority of my time in Bali = living my dream and making 2017 the best year of my life
  • 2017
  • 2018 bringing Rooms4Music back onto the success path and cutting costs. =
    • Making 2018 to the most successful year in terms of
      • turnover,
      • profit and as a result of that
      • the value of the enterprise.

Prevention of sad mood

Now comes the real challenge:

After you did this analysis, extrapolate to the next decision. That will carry you to the next level of your development. Chose one or two new ones, which is the most charming for you, and make a decision. This will help you to prevent you from getting into a sad mood. I am not promising you, that you will never ever get back into a sad mood again. But as long as you got clarity of your direction due to your decision, it is pretty unlikely to fall back into it. If it still appears, it just means, you are not focussing on it anymore, or it is time to go through the procedure once again.

If you want some more background information and inspiration for that, listen to

That will give you some understanding of how it psychologically works and encourage you to take the next step. But you don’t need to understand it, to use the procedure. Likewise, you don’t need to understand how a gearbox works, to be able to drive a car.

For me the next decisions are:

  • living a happy vital life of physical and mental fitness of 300+ years
  • developing 4ster Holding into a 10.000.000 € company

Remember, not achievement, but Steady growth along the way is the source of everlasting happiness!


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Day 17 for Your Abundance Challenge – Living Care Free

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Law of Kama

What are your strengths?

Think about the successes you achieved in your life, for which you used your strengths. Find out from which strengths you did benefit over and over again?

It sounds like a simple question but is usually hard to answer. Because you achieve results with ease by utilizing them. People around see that much easier.

What are your strengths?

What are your strengths?

Join Jenny’s Daily Habits Challenge

Jenny Verano, a member of our mastermind group, came up with some very good thoughts and questions about this:

I have learned that to achieve your major goal one thing you can do is write the goal as a question and then come up with at least 20 more questions around the subject. The answers to those questions will give you focus on the path you need to follow to achieve your major goal.

You can use mine as an example:

My goal, written as a question, is: How can I triple my income?

Below you can see 20 more questions derived from that goal to help me gain clarity on how to achieve it.

Thinking time about your strengths:

  1. How can I save more money?
  2. What skill do I need to develop to triple my income?
  3. How can I be more productive?
  4. What new habits do I need to build to become excellent in my work?
  5. Who I need to associate with?
  6. Who I need to distance from?
  7. How can I manage my time more effectively?
  8. What shall I stop doing?
  9. What do I need to learn to move closer to my goal?
  10. Who do I need to meet?
  11. Which things do I need to prioritize or do more?
  12. What personality traits I need to develop or acquire?
  13. What shall I do in my spare time to move closer to my goal?
  14. Where can I find people that have already achieved what I want?
  15. How can I meet people to learn from?
  16. What should I think about most of the time?
  17. How can I make more conscious choices?
  18. What limiting beliefs do I need to eliminate?
  19. What can I do to start thinking like I already have it all?
  20. How can I give more and love more?

Find 20 questions that will lead you to your big goal in life!

Use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you deal with your specific fears.

Mental Strength Training – 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

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Day 10 for Your Abundance Challenge – Law of Kama

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Self Limiting Beliefs - Brian Tracy

Self Limiting Beliefs – How to Overcome a Self Limiting Belief

Our brains are full of Self Limiting Beliefs. How to identify them and get the Self Limiting Beliefs out of your mind?


Awareness is always the first step Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

And then it hurts! Why?

Because learning always goes in 4 steps:

  1. Unconscious Incompetence: I don’t know, that I don’t know – being stupid, but still happy
  2. Conscious Incompetence: I am aware that I don’t know (growth pain)
  3. Conscious Competence: I learned my lesson and can do if I concentrate on it
  4. Unconscious Competence: I have embodied it and I do it automatically

Getting awareness is the step from

Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Incompetence

But you ask the right questions:

1. How to overcome fear created by Self Limiting Beliefs?

Why Gratitude?

If you already write your gratitude journal every day, you are already on a good track. If not join the Abundance Challenge and start training this new habit today!

2. What do I need to learn to Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs?

Find a way to replace a limiting belief with a helpful one: Tell yourself exactly the opposite of it to overwrite it. One needs to replace it. Because only deleting it hardly ever works. Just try strop drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food. There is hardly a chance to succeed if one does not replace it with a new pleasant habit.
The new beneficial belief can be programmed in your subconscious mind e.g. with incantations:

Incantations or Affirmations – Prime Your Mind With an Incantation

Another possibility is mind storming: Write the new belief on a paper and write below it:

And find 50 examples, stories, ideas, … that prove that the new beneficial belief is correct. That can take a week or two. And that is good! Because it keeps your mind focussed for a long time on the new belief until your subconscious does not doubt it anymore. So it will attract more of it in the future.

3. How to manage the growth-pain while Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs?

The pain is not pleasant, but it is a strong driver to get someone going. But in the long run, you need pleasure to keep you on track and to enjoy your journey.

Experience More Happiness

See what Brian Tracy recommends for it.

Any other ideas are more than welcome. Use the comments below!


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Day 9 for Your Abundance Challenge – The Law of Giving

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Dankbarkeitstagebuch um Dankbarkeit zu verinnerlichen


Dankbarkeit, Dankbarkeit! Warum Dankbarkeitstagebuch schreiben?

Quelle: Warum Dankbarkeitstagebuch schreiben auf Youtube

Dankbarkeit, Dankbarkeit! Warum fordere ich dich auf, jeden Tag Dankbarkeitstagebuch zu schreiben?

Lass mich dir eine Geschichte erzählen. Als ich zum ersten Mal im Oktober 2016 auf Bali ankam, hatten wir Unterkunft und Roller für 12 digitale Nomaden gebucht. Und wir kamen in unserer Unterkunft an und alles war prima. Aber es waren keine Roller da. Nun, mit deutschem Perfektionismus, dachten wir: „Die verdammten Asiaten. Sie haben es nicht hingekriegt!“

Also rief jemand aus der Gruppe den Roller-Vermieter an. Und die sagten: „Die Motorroller werden im Laufe des Tages ankommen. Macht euch keine Sorgen! “

Ca. 2 Stunden später: Die Helme lagen auf dem Tisch und die Schlüssel direkt davor. Und keiner von uns hat jemand von der Rollerverleihfirma zu Gesicht bekommen. Also unglaublich, die fragten uns nicht nach:

  • einem Imprint von der Kreditkarte
  • keiner Anzahlung
  • keinen Vertrag zu unterzeichnen.

Sie wollten weder unseren Führerschein sehen, noch unsere Personalausweise.

So fing an ich mich zu wundern. Denn ich war tief beeindruckt! Wie kommt es, dass diese Balinesen uns so viel Vertrauen und Glaubwürdigkeit schenken? Ohne uns Ausländer aus Europa zu kennen. Nun, es hat mich zum Nachdenken gebracht!
Und ich fing an zu beobachten:

  • Wie leben die Balinesen?
  • Und wie denken sie?
  • Und was sind deren Werte?

Aus Dankbarkeit entsteht Vertrauen

Dankbarkeitstagebuch um Dankbarkeit zu verinnerlichen

Und dann habe ich herausgefunden, dass sie dreimal täglich ein Dankbarkeitsritual haben! Darum ich denke, dieses Dankbarkeitsritual prägt ihre Gedanken. Dadurch habe ich festgestellt, dass die Balinesen fast ohne Angst leben! Nun, es ist wahrscheinlich nicht die vollständige Antwort. Aber ich denke, dass das Dankbarkeitsritual

  • jeden Morgen,
  • jeden Mittag
  • und jeden Abend

einen guter Teil dieses Vertrauens prägt, um ein fast Angst-freies Leben zu führen. Um in der Lage sein, uns Ausländern so viel Vertrauen zu schenken.

In der westlichen Welt, erlebe ich geradezu das Gegenteil:

Jeder braucht eine Versicherung für jeden verdammten Unsinn. Wir suchen Sicherheit und Gewissheit …

Ich denke: Dies endet als ein Leben mit Mangel-denken und Angst! Und ich fand: Diese Dankbarkeit hilft, um da raus zu kommen! Deshalb möchte ich, dass du das


täglich schreibst. Schreibe fünf Dinge in dein Dankbarkeitstagebuch, für die Du dankbar bist.
Ich habe dieses Jahr lange nachgedacht über meinen Lebenssinn. Und nach sechs Wochen recherchieren über

  • meine Werte und
  • mein Lebenszweck.

Ich fand heraus: Das Dankbarkeit in die westlichen Welt zu bringen ist ein Teil dessen, wofür ich hier bin.

Und deshalb: Fordere dich immer wieder heraus 5 Dinge in deinem Dankbarkeitstagebuch aufzuschreiben, für die du jeden Tag dankbar bist. Also, geh und mach es fertig und nimm Deine

Fülle Herausforderung an und werde dankbar!

Und befreie dich vom Mangel-denken und von der Angst! Und genieße ein