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Self-employed keep running into a burnout and go bankrupt

Here comes your guidance to become a wealthy business owner

  • Exclusive for female entrepreneurs in the field of health and fitness.
  • Instead of remaining a self-employed in the treadmill, become a rich business owner: In 3 years your business is running on its own.
  • You get all the knowledge you need to restructure your self-employment. I share anything, how I made it happen with my own enterprise Rooms4Music.


  • All Infos about the product, e.g. the list of all chapters
  • Exclusive 1:1 Coaching
  • Putting you on the right track to your business success, making your business 4 times as successful and grow twice as fast.
  • Turning your self-employment into a self-running enterprise within 3 years.


Where does the coaching take place?
– Preferably personal coaching (plus travel expenses) or in a video call.

When does it start?
– It Starts immediately after your order or you schedule it.

Should I get more than one program, if I have a business partner?
– You can have your business partner joining (listening) the coaching, but I will concentrate only on one entrepreneur’s personality.

When does the pre-order price end?
– Order until July including a 30% discount for the business retreat.

Can I use the coaching if my business is not active in the field of health and fitness?
– No, if it has nothing to do with it, I will not coach you.  I want to understand, what is behind your business to give you best possible advice. Because my heart is beating for health and fitness, and due to that I will coach you with my full passion only in this field. If we are working together you deserve my full energy and knowledge.

I don’t have a business yet, will this work for me?
– Yes, you can also do it before you founded your business, to make sure you set it up in a way to make it a self-running enterprise. But you will be able to take more and immediate action if you already got your business up and running.

I am very advanced already, will this program work for me?
– I am coaching entrepreneurs up to a business size of 10 employees. Beyond that other strategies need to be applied, which I know, but I have not implemented yet. I am not teaching what I only know in theory, but only what has proof of concept in my own business.

I have a job, will this work for me?
– Some of the principles may be also applied to become a more valuable employee. But if you are not intending to start your own business, it will not make to much sense to you. Due to the limited responsibilities of an employee, you will not be able to apply the best part of the strategies, because you need to have power over the complete business.

Why can’t I as a male get coaching?
– Because I prefer to work with women. And I experienced, that female entrepreneurs make faster progress, due to the coaching.

What happens after the event?
– In the case, that I invest in your business, I will continue to mentor you.