This is Aritha’s review of the Gratitude Challenge – Gratitude Experience. She describes her Gratitude Experience. Further, she shares a recommendation for an audiobook, that served her experience nicely.

Review of the Gratitude Challenge

Review Gratitude Challenge - Gratitude Experience

Review of Gratitude Challenge – Aretha’s Gratitude Experience

„Yesterday, I had an impromptu visit to the beach, where I impulsive swam for the first time ever wearing my bikini bottom and my workout top. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I could be that daring (as I am relatively conservative with my body and proudly so too😂) but the sea, the tidal pool and the blessing of such an amazing opportunity were too good to let pass me by.

After my swim, as I walked with my friend Cathy and her dogs. I stopped to write the word Gratitude in the sand.

Now comes the real lesson:

With every attempt, the waves washed off some letters before I could finish 🤣 I kept going further onto the shore to avoid the waves, but it seemed determined to wipe out what I was writing before I could finish. Laughing through the experience, I finally pulled it off and had just a few minutes to celebrate it before the waves did its thing again🤣🤣🤣.“

Review of Gratitude Challenge – Gratitude Experience

„The message I got from my experience was:

life is short, moments of joy are fleeting. Grab the opportunity and run with it. If you get stopped in your tracks, move right along and start again. Keep on moving till you achieve it. And when you do achieve your goal rejoice, celebrate, enjoy the moment and then keep moving on. Nothing is static. The wind of change would be here again, don’t be caught surprised!

Thanks, Klaus for your positive influence. Becoming grateful and more aware of the Abundance within me and around me is opening me to more reasons for joy and gratitude. I am currently listening to Oprah Winfrey’s – What I know for sure Audiobook and it all ties in nicely with the Gratitude and Abundance that I am learning to embrace each day.

Have a blessed day, people!“

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Aritha is a Network Marketing Professional and Motivational Speaker. In her work, she focuses on Youth & Female Empowerment. She is a Mom of three, based in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

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