Think about the successes you achieved in your life, for which you used your strengths. Find out from which strengths you did benefit over and over again?

It sounds like a simple question but is usually hard to answer. Because you achieve results with ease by utilizing them. People around see that much easier.

What are your strengths?

What are your strengths?

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Jenny Verano, a member of our mastermind group, came up with some very good thoughts and questions about this:

I have learned that to achieve your major goal one thing you can do is write the goal as a question and then come up with at least 20 more questions around the subject. The answers to those questions will give you focus on the path you need to follow to achieve your major goal.

You can use mine as an example:

My goal, written as a question, is: How can I triple my income?

Below you can see 20 more questions derived from that goal to help me gain clarity on how to achieve it.

Thinking time about your strengths:

  1. How can I save more money?
  2. What skill do I need to develop to triple my income?
  3. How can I be more productive?
  4. What new habits do I need to build to become excellent in my work?
  5. Who I need to associate with?
  6. Who I need to distance from?
  7. How can I manage my time more effectively?
  8. What shall I stop doing?
  9. What do I need to learn to move closer to my goal?
  10. Who do I need to meet?
  11. Which things do I need to prioritize or do more?
  12. What personality traits I need to develop or acquire?
  13. What shall I do in my spare time to move closer to my goal?
  14. Where can I find people that have already achieved what I want?
  15. How can I meet people to learn from?
  16. What should I think about most of the time?
  17. How can I make more conscious choices?
  18. What limiting beliefs do I need to eliminate?
  19. What can I do to start thinking like I already have it all?
  20. How can I give more and love more?

Find 20 questions that will lead you to your big goal in life!

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Klaus Forster

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